Rocker Bottom Shoe – Great Shoes to Support Your Wellness

When looking for the best footwear, it is not advisable that you just settle for the first choice that comes along. You have to remember that the kind of footwear that you chooses to put on is extremely important as this will contribute to your overall health. It is one of the primary reasons why you need to be very careful in your selection to make sure that everything will fall into place without causing you any problems in the long run. Should you feel any discomfort with the ones that you are currently using, you need to take them off right away for you might end up experiencing some serious problems later in your life. It is a must that you visit several stores before you pick any pair so you can be sure which one will truly give you the extreme comfort that you deserve.

Today, one of the best options available for those who are searching for quality shoes is none other than the Rocker Bottom Shoe or also known as Rocker Sole Shoe. Combining functionality and comfort, the rocker bottom shoe has become more and more in demand for men and women alike who want to have the best for their feet and their health as a whole.

What’s a Rocker Bottom Shoe?

A rocker bottom shoe is a type of shoe with a sole that is thicker than the normal and with a rounded heel. This kind of shoes help in making sure that the wearer need not have flat footing along the foot’s proximal-distal axis. These shoes are generically known by various names, such as toning shoes, rounded sole shoes, round bottom shoes and other different brand names.

Rocker soles can actually serve as a great replacement for the regular soles on all types of footwear. There are several rocker bottom shoes which has the purpose of building to lessen the function or replace the joint’s lost function.

For instance, a person who has a stiff big toe can wear a rocker bottom shoe to replace any flexion that is lost at the metatarsal joint. The rocker bottom shoes are being used as well to compensate for any motion range lost, whatever the cause might be, at the ankle or tibiotalar joint. In this cases, the wearer will be able to maintain a stable and solid footing when standing and the rock of the heel will help with the propulsive phase of gain through making it possible to walk naturally and with lesser pain on the affected joints. The people who can benefit a lot from this kind of unique sole modification are the people who suffer from arthritis or other types of injuries or disorder that can cause pain or motion loss in the joints of the foot.

The construction of most of the types of rocker bottom shoes allows the body weight of the wearer to shift at the back of the ankle, and the wearer will need to do more work as compared to wearing a flat soled shoe so that they can find the center of gravity and sustain their balance.

A Short History of Rocker Bottom Shoes

As early as the 1990s, the rocker bottom shoes have already been referenced in different publications.

The branded generic rocker bottom shoes have been popularized in the market during the late 1990s and 2000s by MBT or Masai Barefoot Technology, a Swiss Masai company. According to them, the concept has originally originated from the former athlete and engineer Karl Müller who had the mission of simulating the challenge of walking barefoot on the soft earth. After this, many other companies specializing in sports footwear followed suit, creating their very own branded versions of the unique shoes that target the market of exercise equipment. In 2005, it is said that 200,000 pairs of the modern rocker bottom shoes have already been sold in the United States alone.

Studies on Rocker Bottom Shoes

The proponents of the contemporary rocker sole shoe claim that since the wearer’s foot is a bit destabilized, some of the lesser worked groups of leg muscles, like the gluteus and core, are being challenged more than the usual. It is the believed that it brings the wearer with more health benefits, like tighter muscles and improved posture.

Although showing support for using rocker bottom shoes, Thomas Lee, an orthopaedic surgeon, has suggested that claims regarding the benefits of these shoes are a big exaggerated. Also, he stated that he does not approve of the people suffering from back, hip or knee problems to wear these kinds of shoes.

The physiotherapist at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London, Dr. Sian MacRae, has studied 115 patients within a one year period and concluded that the rocker bottom shoes are not really that better than the good old typical trainers for decreasing back pain.

Although she acknowledged that the rocker sole shoes can have a different work on the muscles, Jennifer Ryder, a podiatrist, claimed that the benefits of the rocker bottom shoes are not really permanent since the muscles can adapt fast to any changes being introduced. Also, the expert cautioned the people who suffer from Achilles tendon issues must not wear these shoes.

The experts also stated that caution should be observed when prescribing rocker sole shoes in the context of podiatry due to the unique pathology of the foot of every person. A study in 2010 by the University of Wisconsin that the American Council on Exercise commissioned compared the exercise wearing regular running shoes and the rocker sole shoes. This study discovered that there was really no benefit to fitness from wearing the rocker sole shoe. This study has been cited during the class action lawsuits in 2011 that alleged the false advertisements of Reebok, New Balance as well as other manufacturers.

While there are mixed reactions as to the benefit of rocker bottom shoes, still it does not change the fact that they do offer wonderful benefits. If you want quality shoes that can give you comfort and functionality, the rocker bottom shoes can be your best bet.